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Patrol-Swat Series Uses:

Track Search
Rappel Extract
SWAT Apprehend

The K9 Storm Patrol-Swat Vest is our most widely used canine tactical body armor. The K9 Storm Patrol-Swat Vests are a patented design. The versatile built-in load bearing harness system enables the vest to be worn on all deployments: track, search, rappel, extract, and apprehend. The Patrol-Swat Vests are custom fit for each dog. Our unique sizing template system ensures an accurate fit. Accurate fit equals full speed and mobility of the working K9.

Threat Protection:
The K9 Storm Patrol-Swat Vests are built to exceed Threat Level II, NIJ 0101.3 ballistic standards. Patrol-Swat Vest ballistic panels are made of Kevlar 129. The result: a lightweight, extremely flexible panel that maintains its ballistic integrity in even the most demanding circumstances. The Patrol-Swat Vests also offer slash and stab protection against a range of wide blade common street knives. The ballistic panels are encased in NAFTA certified 100% Linebacker Nylon and carried in washable Commander Cotton/Polyester.

The K9 Storm Patrol-Swat Vest was designed by veteran Police Service K9 Handler, Jim Slater, to protect his own police service dog in both patrol and SWAT scenarios. The care and precision that went into making the very first K9 Storm remains constant. Each vest is cut from individual patterns that are generated by highly sophisticated computer aided design modules. Every K9 Storm passes strict quality control throughout the various construction phases.

For more information, check the Tech Specs page for vest specifics and features.

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