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Assault Vest
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*K9 Storm Vests are tested for threat protection against a variety of common knives and found to be effective in defeating or minimizing injuries in most cases. The style/shape of blade, quality of steel, sharpness, angle of attack, and foot pounds of force exerted are all factors that influence whether or not a blade is defeated.

Assault Vest Uses:

The K9 Storm Assault Vest combines ballistic and ice pick protection. It is the K9 Storm Vest of choice for correctional institutions where force threats of ice picks and guns are both prevalent.
Threat Protection:
The Assault Vest is rated to NIJ0101.3 Standards and defeats 50 joules (37 ft/lbs) of ice pick threat.
The K9 Storm Assault Vests are constructed with 1000 denier Cordura in a wide range of color options. The Assault Vests have the K9 Storm patented load bearing harness system--ideal for prison cell extractions. The V-Ring is interwoven in the webbing. The tie down for the V-Ring makes the K9 Storm Vests ideal for off-line searches allowing the K9 to move swiftly beneath low fences and other man made and natural obstacles.

For more information, check the Tech Specs page for vest specifics and features.

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For domestic and international shipping information and costs, see the Pricing/Order page for details.