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Photo by Andy Anderson of Mike Forsythe and his working dog Cara--shown here breaking the world record for highest man/dog parachute deployment - 30,100'.  Cara is wearing a K9 Storm Vest. Both utilized oxygen for the jump. Mike works as a trainer for U.S. Special Operations Units.

The K9 Storm Aerial Insertion Vest is a hex mesh vest that provides a built-in load bearing harness system proof load rated to 2500 lbs. The K9 Storm Aerial Insertion Vest enables the K9 to be lifted into attics or over barriers, lowered into a crawl spaces or ship hulls, rappelled down walls or from helicopters, extract non-compliant suspects, and sky dive.

The K9 Storm Aerial Insertion Vest has two V-Rings for dogs of war that are deployed
on parachute missions. K9 Storm--the K9 force protection equipment of choice
for the United States Military Special Operations Teams.

For more information, check the Tech Specs page for vest specifics and features.

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