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Full Features

Patented design:

K9 Storm Vests work, and police dogs can work in them. (Can. Patent # 2249186, U.S. Patent # 6,123,049)

Custom fit: Unique sizing template ensures an accurate fit.

Built-in harnesses: Can be used to track, search, rappel, extract, apprehend, and rescue.

Construction: Kevlar and Hybrid Panels are encased in 100% Linebacker Nylon and carried in washable Commander Cotton/Polyester.


Patrol Swat Series:

Threat level II ballistics exceed NIJ0101.3 & .4 standards.

Search & Rescue Vest: Kevlar belly panel protects against abrasions and slashes.

Aerial Insertion Vest: Threat level IIIA ballistics and NIJ0115.00 level 1 standards for single and double edged knives

Black Olive Camo
Tactical Black Dark Blue Sheriff's Brown
Olive Drab Woodland Camo Desert Camo
SAR Orange

Department Patches:
• Can be applied on request
Agencies supply patch

• $40.00 (USD)
• $40.00 (CAD)
• €34.00 (EURO) additional charge

Patch Photo

Handle Photo
Hignell Handle:
• Built-in handle for crowd control
Fully secured when not in use

• $235.00 (USD)
• $235.00 (CAD)
• €191.00 (EURO) additional charge

Reflective Strips:
• Increased visibility
• 3M highly reflective
Strips on top and bottom
• Removable for stealth deployments

• $46.00 (USD)
$46.00 (CAD)
• €39.00 (EURO) additional charge

Patch Photo

Handle Photo
Chem. Light Stick Holder:
• Elastic Loops for attaching light sticks
Agencies supply light

• $35.00 (USD)
• $35.00 (CAD)
• €29.00 (EURO) additional charge