K9Storm Intruder

K9Storm Videos

K9 Storm Intruder Footage on Daily Planet

K9 Storm featured on "FutureTech Week"
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K9Storm Videos

K9 Storm on Anderson Cooper 360

K9 Storm featured in "DOGS of WAR" segment on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360.
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K9Storm Videos

Jim Slater interviewed on Fox News

K9 Storm featured on "Happening Now".
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K9 Storm INTRUDER Communication System featured on CNN.com

K9Storm Videos

"(Fortune Small Business) -- It's a tough world for man's best friend. Patrol dogs dodge bullets every day at home and risk their lives sniffing out trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan . . . "

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K9Storm Videos

K9 Storm Tactical Body Armor

Protecting Military Working Dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

K9Storm Videos

Photo by Andy Anderson of Mike Forsythe and his working dog Cara--shown here breaking the world record for highest man/dog parachute deployment - 30,100'. Cara is wearing a K9 Storm Vest. Both utilized oxygen for the jump. Mike works as a canine parachute instructor for military and search & rescue units around the world.

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